Who are We?

Hilary Witter BEng, PGCE

Certified Theta Healing Practitioner and Instructor,                                       Educational Kinesiologist  with Rhythmic Movment Training 1, 2 & 3

Over the past twenty  years, my work as a  complementary therapy practitioner and educator has taken me into  many school classrooms and staff rooms,  therapy treatment rooms and into homes 

We place our clients' needs at the centre of the way that we do things and this approach has resulted in the expansion of our services.  

Some of the ways we have worked:-
    *One to One therapeutic consultations
    *Personal development group sessions    
    * Transformational Workshops
    * Consultation services geared at incorporating  holistic healing                 
       programmes within  organisations
    *Collaboration with practitioners of other healing modalities
    *Specialistic learning and personal development programs
    * Special Educational Needs Investigations and report writing

Our Mission
Our mission at Yemaya Holistic is to unlock  limiting subconscious programming  that prevents you from expressing your full potential.  We teach you how to access the behaviours, attitudes and habits  essential for your success, prosperity, health and wellbeing. 

 Contact Us?
If you have any  questions, comments, concerns? 
Shoot us an email at hilarywitter@yemayaholistichealing.com


We at Yemaya holistic healing believe that each of our clients is  a unique representation of the universe made up of energy and matter millions of years old.  

Each of our treatments is a unique healing and educational process for both client and practitioner. Together, we communicate with  and experience energies on multi - dimensional levels to bring forth positive transformations in all areas of your life.