How are your relationships post Christmas ?

posted Jan 23, 2014, 5:15 AM by Hilary Witter
Christmas, for many of us, can create conditions which expand the cracks in
an already strained relationship.

Now that we are a few weeks on from the "festivities" its worth taking a few
moments for your self to reflect on the quality of a key relationship that may be causing you 
some discomfort. Worse still, you may suffer experience this feeling ever year with no relief.  

Do any of the following scenarios feel familiar?
*Dominant, inflexible parent, unable to relate to you as an adult
*Emotionally unavailable partner who lavishes much time on friends and strangers
*Discomfort in your own company
*Conflict with your child, neither of you listening or appreciating the other's position
*Unforgiving of  a relative for old hurts
*Dreams of attracting you soulmate that never come to pass

You don't need us to tell you that all relationships thrive on love, respect, honesty,  loyalty, compassion,
forgiveness, support;  qualities that we all deserve to experience.  But what happens when these are not
common currency in your relationship?

One of the most common responses to this is to blame the other party for their limitations, totally unaware
of the part we play in the relationship dynamic.

There has been, for some time now, an increasing awareness that the quality of our relationships are a 
direct reflection of  our subconscious programming.  Identifying and reeducating  hidden feelings 
and beliefs that block our capacity to be in healthy relationship with others is, we believe, essential to
attracting the love, acknowledgement and support which we are all entitled to.

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