Theta Healing

What is it and what can it do? 
This method of complementary healing is named after the Theta wave frequency that the brain assumes whilst in deep healing meditation. It is in this state that the practitioner is able to support the healing of mind body and spirit.

Theta Healing is able to identify , clear,  replace or reeducate long standing subconscious programmes, which are often the root cause of physical, mental, emotional illness, limited personal growth and dysfunctional relationships. 

Who does it help?
Every one!

What does it help?
Physical Illness/ Conditions
Emotional Challenges
Self Empowerment
Learning Challenges
Manisfesting Desires

The Versatility of Theta Healing
We are conditioned, in most Western cultures to believe that our reality is perceived only through our five senses. Through Theta Healing, we are reawakened to the ancient knowledge of the infinite landscape of our existence which is responsible for the whole of  life.  All of our potential can now be realised through this powerful energy healing modality.

Hourly Theta Healing Session Rate

Face to Face 




            10% reduction per session on a block of 6


The missing factor!

Redox Signalling Technology


Regain your youth
Repair damaged cells
Improve Cellular Communication
Switch on genes 

          *  digestion
          *  immune system
          *  cardiovascular system
          *  hormonal system
          *  reduce body inflammation

Totally safe, non- toxic!

Workshops, MBS Expos,
Talks and Taster Sessions

The Soothing Sunday Sanctuary 
Relaxation, Restoration & Renewal

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Bespoke Presentations
Length and  Fee 
subject to
client requirements.
             Educational Kinesiology (EduK)

What is is?
"Educational Kinesiology (EduK),  is  the study of movement  relating to learning and communication."

EduK   exercises, "balances" and restorative interventions can be applied to improve almost any skill whether it be mental or physical.  It can also be used to restore emotional balance and well being.

EduK's primary specialisms
Brain Gym
Further into Brain Gym
Vision Circles
Optimal Brain Organisation
Touch for Health 1 & 2
7 Dimensions
Childhood Reflexes
Rhythmic Movement Training 1,2 & 3

Brain Gym
Brain Gym forms one part of an all encompassing palette of EduK interventions assisting  improved neural  function and "whole brain communication" so  learning becomes much easier.

Brain Gym is a suite of 26 simple and effective exercises which enable participants to experience their own sensory integration. Any one can  use Brain Gym at any stage in life, at home, in the class or at work for improved learning, developing a skill, better communication, completing a goal. 

Some  things EduK is good for
Business Skills
Communication Skills
Performing Arts
Maturing Attitude
Emotional Intelligence

Hourly EduK Session Rate
Face to Face

£55 per hour session